Monday, 31 March 2014

Small people BIG castles, wine and ice cream!

This week I visited one of Luxembourg’s must see attractions Vianden Castle. I had to take a train and bus to get there. As I’m still not that great on my French I managed to get off at the right stops with a little help from the driver who managed to boot me off at the right spot. Cost me a bargain of 2 euro’s to get there. I though I’d got on for a child price being small. Turns out it’s the same for everyone. Still 2 euros can’t complain. When I arrived I noticed they had a cable car! Brilliant! Save my little legs I thought. As I got closer I noticed it wasn’t moving. Gutted! I found out it was just out of season. This meant effort was required. 

After my disappointment with the cable car I decided to walk towards the town. Then I spotted ICE CREAM I then though this would be a great idea for some energy. So after a strawberry and caramel mix of amazing ice cream I was ready. Quite steep at some parts so I stopped to take a few photos on the way. Secretly I was having a small rest. As I got closer I noticed the entrance was up hill as well! I was sweating cobbers by this point so I strolled up taking more photos of flags and bits of castle wall so I didn’t look too knackered by the time to the pay desk. So got my ticket had a look round as you do. To be honest I wasn’t over impressed inside. Views over the town were amazing but all in all I think its better just to look at it from the outside. Still at least I can say I made the effort up the hill to visit. 

So after my leisurely tour I wandered back down. Much better! I decided to have a nice sit by the river with a quarter glass of wine. Yep a quarter. Turned out that I couldn’t buy one glass you had to get a quarter. Well when it came out I was convinced it was half a bottle. They brought it out in this jug along with the glass. Well after only eating a donut and some ice cream this went right to my head! I then remembered I had to focus as I had a train and bus to catch. This meant extra effort of concentration now. Not only I had to figure out the correct buses I had the issue of not falling asleep! Luckily after only a few nodding dog moment I managed to get on and off at the right places. A grand day out all in all :-)

Thursday, 27 March 2014

My guitar (aka ukulele)

Today Im super happy as my Guitar (Ukulele) arrived the post today! My next challenge is to try and learn some songs within the week in time for my snowbombing festival! I have been having a few lesson with my cousin this evening. My favourite cords I've learnt so far are C and A as this only requires one finger! I can do it! la la la

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Lindsey meet's Charlotte

Bonjour. The past few day's have been brilliant! Yesterday I made a new friend in the City. Her name is Charlotte who is originally from England. She has been living in Luxembourg with her fiancé for three years! She also does freelance illustration. Below is some of her LOVELY work.

If you would like to see more of her work check out

We had a fab afternoon chatting and looking forwards to meeting up on Saturday evening!

While I've been enjoying my trip back home my bestest friend Nicola got engaged to the love of her life Ian. He proposed over a beautiful waterfall - Janets Foss in North Yorkshire. I was so happy I decided to draw them a special picture to offer my congratulation to them both! - I know I wasn't there so this is how I imaged it to be...

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Pray the birds won't take me!

After my lovely day in Metz I decided to go for a nice walk to watch the sun go down over Luxembourg. I took some lovely photos but noticed that there were lots of birds of prey hanging around. Now being small I got scared. I was thinking now I know why they are called birds of pray as I was praying they wouldn't see me!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

France - Metz

Ziss French life is Cest Magnifique! On my way to see if the French I learned about in school is all stripes, baguettes and beret's!  

Monday, 17 March 2014

Trip to Trier

Last week I decided to have a day trip out! I got onto a whooper of a train in Luxembourg and travelled all the way to Trier in Germany. It was an amazing city full of Roman ruins, fab cafe’s, ice-cream and amazing shops...

Saw all these amazing sights as I made my way to the other side of town towards the roman amphitheatre. I managed to take a couple of photo's when I arrived including another selfie...

I was a tiny bit tired when I eventually made it here so I rested my little legs and imagined what it must have been like all those years go...

After fighting with the Gladiators I decided to head back towards the train station. Now I had a small map of the city to guide me round but on the way back I got myself a little lost. Not really knowing much German to ask for directions I decided to go with my instinct and hoped I'd see a familiar sight that would get be back on track…
Well to my suprise I did see something familiar! I thought all these stores were extinct. I went in to see if they had any pick and mix but sadly they had non :-( I did manage to find my way home in the end after a very nice little adventure.

Friday, 14 March 2014

The flight club

Now Sunday was one of the best days EVER! My uncle has a little micro light plane so we took a trip to the flying club so he could check the on its condition as it hadn't had much attention since the winter. I was just fascinated with all the little plane taking off and landing. Another guy Luke was taking his plane up and asked if I'd like a flight. Of course I was thrilled to bits. I was super excited! He managed to find a me a flight suit but I did to scrunch up into. For a small plane they don't make small flight suit :-( We ended up having about 2 hours of flight time where I got a guided tour of about a quarter of Luxembourg via air! One of the amazing things I witnessed were the ducks! There were loads of 'v' formations of the ducks flying along side us. The photo's don't do it justice so I drew a little picture…. One of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.
 Below is the real photo of flying with the ducks...

 We eventually caught up with my uncle and managed to get this great photo!

The mosel

I have learnt a lot about Luxembourg since my stay here. The main thing being the wine. I visited the supermarket this week and I was shocked as to the amount of wine they sell. Ton's of the stuff! I mean there are at least 5 aisle just selling the it. Now I don't know much about wine all I know that is like it :-) My uncle took me to the place where they make it. Its called the Mosel. A HUGE long river where the banks are just filled with grape vines. They are nuts on the stuff! I even saw a house with grape vines over arch way of someones house! Apparently it is soooo good that they don't even export it. Well if thats good then why should they. Apparently there are even waiting lists for some of the stuff. Something tells me that I'm going very much enjoy testing out some of these delights...


Bonjour from little Luxembourg! Well I have been here a whole week now and been having the BEST time! On my first day here my cousin look me into the City and gave me a great tour of the place. Plenty of Cafe's, shops and amazing cake shops! I also had my first traditional Luxembourg dinner of Bouchée a la reine! The best way to describe it is was like I was eating a giant Vol-au-vent! For me it could have been just that!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

3,2,1 blast off

A few day's ago I embarked on my BIG adventure into the world. I found my passport and packed my rather large suitcase and got on a HUGE plane over to Luxembourg. When I checked in I was allocated a seat number of 10a. I was really excited this meant it was a window seat! What I didn't know about 10a is that this was the emergency exit! So now I had responsibilities! Ironically for me 10a also came with the added bonus of extra leg room. Fortunately this has never been a problem. I had so much room it was like traveling first class!