Friday, 14 March 2014

The flight club

Now Sunday was one of the best days EVER! My uncle has a little micro light plane so we took a trip to the flying club so he could check the on its condition as it hadn't had much attention since the winter. I was just fascinated with all the little plane taking off and landing. Another guy Luke was taking his plane up and asked if I'd like a flight. Of course I was thrilled to bits. I was super excited! He managed to find a me a flight suit but I did to scrunch up into. For a small plane they don't make small flight suit :-( We ended up having about 2 hours of flight time where I got a guided tour of about a quarter of Luxembourg via air! One of the amazing things I witnessed were the ducks! There were loads of 'v' formations of the ducks flying along side us. The photo's don't do it justice so I drew a little picture…. One of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.
 Below is the real photo of flying with the ducks...

 We eventually caught up with my uncle and managed to get this great photo!

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  1. I love it!! Last year I did a gliding experience in the Midlands. We were launched by winch and then got to fly it!!! So amazing. Using clouds and birds to find the thermals to take the glider up higher. Such a free and amazing feeling!! So glad you go to experience this. Maybe not quite the same as gliding but I'm sure amazing in a very similar way. I didn't have the ducks in V formation though. What an experience!!