Monday, 31 March 2014

Small people BIG castles, wine and ice cream!

This week I visited one of Luxembourg’s must see attractions Vianden Castle. I had to take a train and bus to get there. As I’m still not that great on my French I managed to get off at the right stops with a little help from the driver who managed to boot me off at the right spot. Cost me a bargain of 2 euro’s to get there. I though I’d got on for a child price being small. Turns out it’s the same for everyone. Still 2 euros can’t complain. When I arrived I noticed they had a cable car! Brilliant! Save my little legs I thought. As I got closer I noticed it wasn’t moving. Gutted! I found out it was just out of season. This meant effort was required. 

After my disappointment with the cable car I decided to walk towards the town. Then I spotted ICE CREAM I then though this would be a great idea for some energy. So after a strawberry and caramel mix of amazing ice cream I was ready. Quite steep at some parts so I stopped to take a few photos on the way. Secretly I was having a small rest. As I got closer I noticed the entrance was up hill as well! I was sweating cobbers by this point so I strolled up taking more photos of flags and bits of castle wall so I didn’t look too knackered by the time to the pay desk. So got my ticket had a look round as you do. To be honest I wasn’t over impressed inside. Views over the town were amazing but all in all I think its better just to look at it from the outside. Still at least I can say I made the effort up the hill to visit. 

So after my leisurely tour I wandered back down. Much better! I decided to have a nice sit by the river with a quarter glass of wine. Yep a quarter. Turned out that I couldn’t buy one glass you had to get a quarter. Well when it came out I was convinced it was half a bottle. They brought it out in this jug along with the glass. Well after only eating a donut and some ice cream this went right to my head! I then remembered I had to focus as I had a train and bus to catch. This meant extra effort of concentration now. Not only I had to figure out the correct buses I had the issue of not falling asleep! Luckily after only a few nodding dog moment I managed to get on and off at the right places. A grand day out all in all :-)

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