Friday, 14 March 2014

The mosel

I have learnt a lot about Luxembourg since my stay here. The main thing being the wine. I visited the supermarket this week and I was shocked as to the amount of wine they sell. Ton's of the stuff! I mean there are at least 5 aisle just selling the it. Now I don't know much about wine all I know that is like it :-) My uncle took me to the place where they make it. Its called the Mosel. A HUGE long river where the banks are just filled with grape vines. They are nuts on the stuff! I even saw a house with grape vines over arch way of someones house! Apparently it is soooo good that they don't even export it. Well if thats good then why should they. Apparently there are even waiting lists for some of the stuff. Something tells me that I'm going very much enjoy testing out some of these delights...

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