Monday, 28 April 2014

Lindsey goes quackers!

Hey there. Had another fun filled weekend. Saturday in Luxembourg was the rubber duck race! I got down to the Grund around 2pm. Unfortunately I just missed out on betting on a duck :-( gutted as the top price was a car! Oh well. Maybe I saved myself 5 euros. I stay and watched anyway. Got a few photos to share...

Sunday was fun as well as I had my first experience riding on a tandem with my uncle. I was funny as I just had a face fun of John's back. I was quite close and conscious that if I sneezed it wouldn't be good! Having said that my nose did start to run a little. Luckily I sniffed it back up before anything happened! Oh yes I did pedal although I don't think my uncle would agree! Think we got a few funny looks from people but what the hell. Loved it!

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