Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Snow far snow good - Snowbombing 2014

Hey well loads has happened in a week! So here goes. On Friday I re packed my purple suitcase ready for my next adventure to the snowbombing festival in Austria. For a small person I had many things to pack to I managed to squish all my belongings into my trusty purple suit case.

My new friends Leo, Susie, Misky, Chris and Nathan picked me up from luxembourg at 4am in their 1985 luxury camper van, Excalibur! We arrived safe and well around mid day on Saturday into the amazing misty mountains of Austria.

On Sunday snowbombing celebrated the start of the festival with an amazing super hero themed road trip. My friend Nathan came as captain america on a mini motor bike. He had loads of amazing fun riding around the town on his bike. To be honest on closer inspection it looked like a normal sized

On Monday I took my hobbit sized self to the top of the misty mountains. The views were amazing and the weather couldn’t have been better. Had a fab time chilling out with more new friends listening to some tunes and watching people ski down the slopes. Life is good! :-)

Later on last night we visited a brand-new venue called the mother ship to see clean bandit. They were AMAZING! Afterwards we visited the racket club for more musical entertainment from gorgon city, rudimental. My little feet were very achy after all that dancing!

Today there is going to be big street party! So am really looking forwards to seeing the Austrian Filter house for some Auf Babent!

Wednesday I spent the day chilling out with Leo, Suzi, Misky and Chris. There were lots of great music on this evening! There was even a pool party. I didn't get the chance to go but I did this illustration for the daily bomb...

So this evening was a BIG night for the tunes! We managed to see the Foxes, Tom Odell then went over to the Racket club for a night of Chase & Status!

Thursday we took the lift up into the mountains again for a party in the middle of all the skiing. Without ski's this was tricky to get to. I got some assistance from a few guys who were also in the same boat as me and were without ski's or boards. Anyway after a number of ski lifts and slippery decent we arrived at the party. I got myself some gluhwein to get warm. This was sooo good! Music was ace and even a massive snowball fight took place. Advantage of being small - less likely to get hit! So I managed to dodge most of it. Also found a guy dressed up as a pencil so being an illustrator I got myself a photo! What a great team!  Was funny as Mr Incredible was there and wondered what was so special about the pencil guy so I got a photo with him as well.

During the party there was this mad guy who belly flopped on a couple of occasions in to a huge puddle of ice cool water. Complete nutter but entertaining all the same! Top afternoon!!!!

Thursday evening the Chemical brothers were headling at the Racket club. I was really looking forwards to this but slightly dissapointed as it just a DJ set so they didn't play any of there own music. I really wanted them to play the salmon dance as that was one of my favourite songs! Gutted. Still we had top times all the same!

Friday I decided to get brave and have a go at skiing! I booked a two hour session with a lovely guy called Josh from Bristol. It was meant to be a group lesson but ended up just being myself then half way through a guy called Leonardo joined us. Oh shit maybe he was called Raphael all I remember is that he had a huge cool afro and all I thought about the teenage mutant ninja turtles! Ha. Doesn't really matter. I didn't speak that much to him. Skiing was tricky at first. Well all of it was hard work to be honest. I think I did ok in the end. It's just all about confidence and trusting in yourself. Good job we were only on the baby slopes! Josh was a great teacher and showed us the basics and lots of different turning techniques. I was ok some of the time but I think like anything you just need the practice. It was a fab first two hour lesson. I might give it another go in the future!

This evening it was the Prodigy who were headlining in the forest. This was brill and a fab end to the snowbombing festival!

Lots of other random things took place this week. During the week I met get some guys with the go pro camera's. They were kind enought to let me test one out so I thought it looks just like a normal sized one on my head!

So what an amazing week! I would like to thank a few special people who were able to make this week possible for me! Firstly huge thanks to Nathan WRex (Captian America) who put me in touch with Alexander Bennett and Jack Walsh where I was able to promote this travel blog by providing a daily illustration for the daily bomb! Also massive thanks to them both for giving me that opportunity to contribute in this way. Big thanks to Leo, Suzie, Misky, Nathan and Chris who came along in the camper van to pick me up along the way. Plus I am go grateful for all my new friends I made this week. Because of them it made the whole experience so special. Sometimes it isn't the place you are in but with people you are with that can make the all difference to an experience. But on this occasisson the mountains the town and nature all added to make the week very special! So cheers to you all with my very large beer!

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