Monday, 23 June 2014

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So at the Lux expo there is more than just wine tasting the had lots of things on including free cheese tasting and cooking items to buy. They has a FREE sushi making evening that I decided to get involved with. So here is my first ever Attempt at making sushi! I also learnt a great tip with the chop sticks. If you add and elastic band to the end it makes this easier to use! I can’t use chop sticks so this was a cool trick to learn.

Well this was a great day! free wine tasting - at Lux expo in Luxembourg equal squiffy Lindsey!
This was really great as I got to try all different sorts of wines. My conclusion is that I like WINE! These are a few I tried. Ok well maybe not all the wine are here but these the ones I like. I think??? My favourite were the riesling wines. So anyone reading this - just so you know :-)

After this 2nd indulgence we went onto visit the chocolate factory and the famous shakespeare bookshop where I stoked the resident white cat in the reading room! After this amazing few days in Paris Liza and I departed after spending the late afternoon the very pretty Luxembourg gardens.

Today is my last day in Paris and I met up with the lovely Liza again and decided to go back to Angelina’s. This time we decided to get a hot chocolate to take away. We sat in the park across the road with a view of the Effif tower I could not have been any happier!! We both sat in silent so content and happy with our takeaway dessert and drinks. I think you can tell by the look on our faces!

Today I met with my new Canadian friend Liza. We visited the famous Angelina’s for some hot chocolate and dessert. This was seriously one of the most AMAZING things I’ve ever tasted. It was live heaven in a cup. Just pure melted chocolate in cup. Here are a few snaps. It’s that thick we even got chocolate mustaches!

After our divine experience at Angelina’s we went exploring the city. Paris as rather a lot of posh shops and bakeries. We visited one place where you could buy a chocolate eclair with golden fakes! I mean now posh does one have to get to order an eclair with gold bits! Below is the photo evidence!

We continued the day pretending to be super rich as we checked out the posh department store La Fayette. We tested expensive perfume and looked at expensive handbags. Was such a really girly day out - totally loved it!

Today I arrived in Paris. Feeling all arty farty...

In the morning I visited two art museums. The first one I visited was the Musee d’Orsay then onto the pompidou . I loved them both as I saw all the artwork I had studies when I was at college! Was amazing to see them. Below are a few of pieces I saw in real life!

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